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Introduction to the Trinitarian Image

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Sims Beeler


Catholics are taught God is none other than a Trinity, humans were created in the image of God, and creation reflects the Creator. Yet the Trinity is considered an incomprehensible mystery. Drawing upon scripture, Catholic teaching, and tradition for foundational principles, the document endeavors to define a Trinitarian image and discern such within the human soul and universally reflected in creation. Encountering three Trinitarian images (a natural, a baptismal, and a universal), each is contemplated seeking understanding of - and right relationship with - the Most Holy Trinity. A synthesis has been added and the dogma of incomprehensibility addressed. The article concludes with an appendix directed to non-Christians.

KEYWORDS: Trinity, creation, Trinitarian image, image of God in humans, Jesus Christ, Catholic tradition, positive theology, Bonaventure’s mirror, being, truth, love, cataphatism

Introduction to the Trinitarian Image
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a visual representation of the Trinity
infinity to infinity TRINITY


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